September 24- October 13, 2020
Additional information for the seminars

The seminar schedule has been changed.
Check THINK® official website to register for the seminar

Thetahealing Instructors
JAPAN Seminar-Overview
Location: JP
Date: 24.09.2020 - 13.10.2020

2020.9.18 update

[ Important Notice ]

The date of the seminar has been changed from September 24 to October 13.

The seminar venue is Hotel Okura Kobe.

How to sign up and submit electronic contract

Seminar registration and payment flow

The link to the guide video page of the official site is at the bottom

  1. STEP

    Sign up for a seminar

    Sign up for a seminar at

    On the THinK official instructor seminar site, add the seminar you want to take to the cart and sign up

  2. Flow

    • Add all attended seminars to the cart
    • Click the shopping cart button on the top right
    • Click “Login” or “Register as new customer”
      People who have never registered on this site need new registration
    • After logging in, click the “Register now” button
    • Enter your details
    • Confirm your details

    * If registration is successful, you will receive a registration confirmation email containing payment details.
    If not, please check your spam folder.

  3. STEP

    Pay the registration fee

    Click the PayPal logo on the “Apply: Successful” page after clicking the Apply button and pay “registration Fee” from the PayPal site.

    Immediately after the application, you will receive an automatic reply e-mail describing the payment of the “registration fee”.
    You can also pay from the link in the email.


    Please note that the seminar fee and the registration fee are charged separately.

    For example, if you take a Basic DNA instructor,
    ・ Seminar fee: 1250.00 USD
    ・ Registration fee: 69000.00 JPY
    At this point you will pay the registration fee of 69,000 yen

    *Registration fee is non-refundable for any reason.

  4. STEP

    Pay the seminar fee

    Pay the “Seminar fee” according to the payment information

    For example, if you take a Basic DNA instructor, at this point you will pay the remaining seminar fee of 1250.00 USD(USドル)

    Click here for the URL to pay for the seminar

    (English notation)
    See below for additional information

    ・Please pay by the date of attending the seminar
    ・ In [Customer No.], enter the Customer ID written in the e-mail you received when you paid for the “registration fee”
    ・ Payment method is either Paypal or bank transfer.
    ・ The class will be displayed when you select the payment method.
    Check the class you applied for.
    ・ [Total $] will automatically include the seminar price
    ・ If you pay by PayPal, the total fee will be displayed below the class list
    ・ If you have any questions, please contact in the language that you understand

    Payment guide for “registration fee” and “Seminar cost” will be sent by separate emails.
    You can pay for the seminar before you receive the email.
    If the schedule is close, select the seminar you applied for from the link above and complete the procedure as soon as possible.

  5. STEP

    Submit electronic contract

    Submit electronic contract

    Submit an electronic contract from user page

    (Please login)

    On “My Contracts” page, you will find a link to the electronic contract to submit.

    Electronic contracts do not need to be printed

    * Depending on the timing of the application, you may be notified of the electronic contract before payment of the seminar price.
    Please note that the information in the electronic contract is not a notice of payment completion.

    You can also submit an electronic contract from the e-mail about the electronic contract.

  1. Flow of electronic contract submission

    • Click on the electronic contract link on the “My Contracts” page
      You must submit an electronic contract for each seminar you attend
    • An electronic contract site called “DocuSign” will open, follow the guidance accordingly. The contract itself is in English.
    • Click the [Continue] button after checking
    • Enter in English within the red frame
    • For the date described in the basic agreement, enter the certification date (final date) of the seminar to be attended in the order of [day / month / year]
    • Click on the “initial”
    • You can set your signature and initials(First time only)
    • Fill in all the details and click the Finish button
    • After submitting the contract with “DocuSign”, it is OK if all seminars attending are displayed as completed
      If the content of the page does not change, reload (update the page) and check

Check out the official guide video
“How do i sign up”

About registering an account on the instructor seminar site

If you do not have an account registration on the instructor seminar site, you need to register newly
“Register as new customer” part of the above procedure

You can just register first

Will be different from account
Register as new customer